dougkorthoff Doug Korthof, an iconic environmentalist based in Seal Beach with a reputation stretching from San Diego to Sacramento and beyond, has died. Word of his death came from longtime friend Joey Racano, who said  Korthof passed away on Feb. 5 at  9 a.m.  with his family at his side. “My heart is at half mast today. Arguably the greatest environmental activist in California history, my teacher and best friend, Doug Korthof moved on to be with the ancestors. The loss of a man this great surely must require something good to happen in the world, for sake of balance. I will be watching for it,” Mr. Racano wrote on Facebook.

Kortoff fought countless battles against bureaucrats, politicians and business interests on behalf of clean water, protected shorelines, restored wetlands and electric vehicles…and was a vocal opponent of the tidelands trust land swap devised by Long Beach City Hall under the O’Neill administration to help enable the “Queensway Bay” (now “Pike”) development.