thedistrictcrew Six former employees of Long Beach’s former alternative newspaper, The District Weekly, have won their case before the California Labor Commission—and some $70,000 in unpaid wages, vacation interest and penalties—against  the publication’s parent company, Seven Days Publishing, LLC, which was founded by Will Swaim and was ultimately [begin edit] put out of business [end edit] by his wife, Heather Swaim.

The former District Weekly employees include general manager Ofelia Rua, editor-in-chief Ellen Griley, senior editors Dave Wielenga—now publisher of Greater Long Beach—Theo Douglas, food editor Miles Clements, and reporter and production assistant Jennifer Stockdale.

Additionally, freelance reporter and copy editor Greggory Moore—now a drama critic for Greater Long Beach–has a scheduled day in small claims court against Seven Days Publishing and Heather Swaim on Dec. 9.

 Press-Telegram business reporter Karen Robes Meeks reports the details of the state Labor Commission’s October 12 decision in today’s paper.