brothersledge DOWNEY (via The Downey Patriot)—While celebrating the pending demolition of the 60-year-old Verizon Building to make way for a six-story, 50-unit housing development called The View, members of the Downey City Council heralded the redevelopment project as an exciting addition to the city’s emerging downtown.

We’re going to have to wait—and wait … and wait … and wait—to see about that.

Although the Verizon Building is scheduled to be gone by mid-September, construction of The View isn’t slated to begin until September 2012. For those of you scoring at home, that’s … well, you probably haven’t purchased that calendar yet. Similarly, the long delay in The View’s construction is because the city doesn’t have the necessary $20 million in redevelopment money yet.

But photo-ops don’t cost much, so all five council members showed up for a publicity event wearing hard hats and carrying sledgehammers. One by one, each took a swing at the Verizon facility, which ceremonially initiated the demolition—although, honestly, the thing didn’t budge.

That figures. The Verizon Building, built in 1951 for the Associated Telephone Company, is constructed entirely of reinforced steel concrete.

Mayor Luis Marquez acknowledged the long downtime in The View’s construction timeline, but insisted the new apartment complex will add to the success of the new businesses emerging in the downtown district.

“The city is excited about the revitalization,” said Marquez. “We’re very fortune that despite the tough economic times, we can bring quality projects like this to our city.”

Now, if they can only get it built.